Board office

Pneumatic fitting

Responsibility for the actions of MB Pneumatyka rests on the hands of our Management Board - specialists and experts who transfer their knowledge and skills into the success of our brand. The decisions they make shape the coherent nature of the company, in which each element and process are integrated.

Paweł Andersz

As a CEO, I am responsible for the proper functioning of our management systems and I supervise the implementation of new projects. I make sure that the company has the IATF16949 certificate. I am optimistic about life, with a smile on my face, professing the principle: there are no limitations.

Paweł Andersz

President / CIO

Family Picture

Szymon Ryszewski (brother-in-law)

Technology Specialist

Karolina Ryszewska (sister)

Marketing Manager

Danuta Bieniaszewska (mother)

Była Prezes

Małgorzata Bieniaszewska


Łukasz Karpiej (husband)

Area Manager