Development path

Pneumatic fitting

Let's get to know each other! Each new face visiting our company is another story that we will be happy to know and help write its next chapters.

Dynamic career

MB Pneumatyka is a company from people, for people. By joining us, you become part of a team where everyone can rely on each other. See how the development path in our company looks like to see what awaits you at MBP!

Contact and recruitment

Contact and recruitment

  • We are constantly looking for people who want to spread their wings in our family business. It is an opportunity both for specialists familiar with the industry and people who are just starting their activity in the automotive sector.
  • The recruitment process begins with your response to the offer we have published. In addition to reporting via our website, you can also contact a representative of the department where you are about to start working. Each CV received by us is considered individually - we do not leave anyone without an answer.
  • Your first meeting will not be just a recruitment interview - it is primarily a moment to get to know each other better.

Our stories - a case study of MB Pneumatyka employees

Although we have all followed - and are still going - the above development path, each of our stories is unique. Get to know them and then write your own story in MB Pneumatyka.

Benefits for employees

Friendly atmosphere
We are a company based on established ties and relationships. Together we face challenges, celebrate success and share joy. With us, you can always count on words of support and help from colleagues. By joining the MBP team, you become part of this family.

Individual onboarding
You will start work at MBP with implementation in the scope of performed duties - we will adjust it to the level of your competences. During the introduction to the company environment you will be accompanied by a tutor, whose task is to support you and help you at every stage of this process.

Tailored development
MBP helps spread the wings of even the most secretive talents - we will lead your career on a path that will allow you to make the best use of your competences. With us, training is not a bureaucratic formality, but a real opportunity to polish your existing skills and find new ones.

Working with professionals
MB Pneumatyka is created by specialists who have been perfecting their duties for many years. By joining our team you can count on their friendly support and advice at every stage of work. They will help you in the onboarding process and guide you on the further development path .